The Reawakening of an Icon – THE STATLER DALLAS

In today’s Local Deep Dive with OTG, we’ll be taking a look at The Statler Dallas Hotel, an iconic gem in the heart of Downtown Dallas located at 1914 Commerce St, Dallas, TX with Courtney Morrow, Director of Marketing for Centurion American, who owns The Statler. Local Deep Dive with OTG is a weekly look into the lives and businesses of iconic local brands. In this series, we’ll try and outline the trends, best practices, and recommendations of industry insiders, trendsetters, and leaders.


Tells us about The Statler.
The Statler accommodates 159 guest rooms on the first five floors and 219 apartments on the upper-eleven floors. The Statler features meeting facilities, retail, office space, and six venues; Overeasy, Scout, Bourbon & Banter, Waterproof, Primo’s MX Downtown (Opening Summer 2020), Sfereco (opening 2020), and an 11,500 square foot ballroom venue.

When was the Statler constructed and how long has it been open with new renovations?
The Statler Dallas Hotel originally opened in 1956 and reopened under Centurion American ownership in 2015.

How many locations and staff do you have? 
The Statler is a one of a kind, iconic destination and employs over 300 people.

What makes The Statler unique?
The Statler Dallas Hotel sets itself apart as an iconic Texas destination. The hotel has been celebrated for bringing back to life the favorites from the past while incorporating modern touches and concepts. Guests have many ways to enjoy a visit to The Statler, including the six unique venues and restaurants inside the hotel.

How did you get your idea or concept for The Statler?
As one of Dallas’ most historic properties, The Statler has played an important part of Dallas history. When the opportunity came for Mehrdad Moayedi to bring The Statler back to life, he was willing to take on the challenge. The visionary developer has always had a passion for revitalizing historical properties. Currently, his team is working towards bringing back the Cabana Hotel.

What do customers enjoy the most about The Statler?
Anyone who walks through The Statler Dallas’ doors has a vast array of choices, whether it be a weekend getaway at the hotel, basking in the sun at Waterproof, sneaking down to our speakeasy Bourbon & Banter, enjoying a bite to eat from one of many concepts or extending their stay indefinitely at The Statler Residences. The guestrooms have been designed with every possible comfort in mind, and the common areas combine the historic elegance of the original Statler with all the most modern conveniences.

What is the Statler most known for?
The Statler has always been the destination for a fabulous party. Our debut event for the grand-reopening which lasted for 4 days including luminary, Tony Bennett, has to be an all-time favorite for our guests. Waterproof & Bourbon & Banter are always go-to’s for our guests. While we have great business clientele, the weekends are when we see the most traffic.

How do most customers discover The Statler?
Most customers have come to discover us seeking a stay at The Statler as a part of a classic weekend getaway. The hotel has been featured as a top destination in Texas and naturally has brought many people to experience our unique hotel.

All of our Dallas-based business partners have been impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. While there’s little any individual company can do to remove the challenging implications of the pandemic on their business, there is a lot that an individual company can do to sustain operations and continue to survive and thrive through this season.

The OTG team wants to thank The Statler for their transparency and engagement. We asked about how COVID-19 has impacted their business and what they are doing as a result. Courtney talked a bit about how The Statler hotel is combating the challenges of COVID-19.


How has COVID-19 affected your business? 
The property has been able to stay in operation through most of the COVID-19 pandemic. We have cut back on hotel stays and changed our dining options. While we have had to temporarily close Bourbon & Banter, we’ve been able to host a pop up of the forthcoming Primo’s at Waterproof. We were able to switch Overeasy & Scout over to complete delivery and take-out operation until we were able to reopen those restaurants on May 1. Also, we are welcoming in a sister brand of CA & Refined Hospitality Concepts, NOSH Bistro, with a pop up at The Statler.

What changes have you made to your business in response to COVID-19?
Sean Terry and The Statler Dallas Hotel developed a COVID-19 assistance program to help local medical workers in these struggling and dangerous times. For almost two months, The Statler offered free meals and hotel rooms for medical professionals working every day to treat and revitalize those affected by COVID-19. There were three floors allocated to medical workers and extended stay rates in order to maximize the outreach and assistance that the Statler could offer.



Have you made any changes to your physical space or digital offerings as a result of COVID-19?
The transition to primarily delivery of two of our restaurants has significantly increased our digital engagement with our customers, moving away from physical foot traffic. Digital events, like virtual wine tastings, charcuterie classes, etc., have been incredibly popular. These items will likely stay as a part of the offerings at The Statler.

Has COVID-19 affected your marketing & advertising strategy? If yes, what new ways are you reaching locals now?
We’ve had to learn how to engage with customers from home. Digital events have been popular during the crisis. Our main goal is to help our guests live better even if they don’t want to physically come into our hotel.

This concludes our weekly Local Deep Dive with OTG featuring this week’s guest Courtney Morrow with The Statler Dallas Hotel. We hope that you enjoyed this interview and can apply some of these insights to your own business. Be sure to keep track of our Local Deep Dive Series for more industry insights, recommendations, and best practices weekly with local businesses and their owners.