In today’s Local Deep Dive with OTG, we’ll be taking a look at Revolving Kitchen located at 520 Shepherd Drive, Garland, TX (right on the I-635 Loop) with owner Tyler Shin. Local Deep Dive with OTG is a weekly look into the lives and businesses of iconic local brands. In this series, we’ll try and outline the trends, best practices, and recommendations of industry insiders, trendsetters, and leaders.


Tells us about your business.
Revolving Kitchen is a brand new 35,000 sq. ft. cloud facility that features 25 fully-equipped commercial kitchens for rent. The company caters to all types of food businesses, from local food entrepreneurs to national delivery brands (and everything in between). Our managed kitchens reduce food business overhead and allow companies to focus on food production, food delivery, and business growth.

How long have you been in business?
We opened in October 2019.

How many locations and staff do you have? 
We currently have one location and a four-person full-time staff that is growing.

What makes your business unique?
Business owners — from well-established brands to rising
entrepreneurs — often lack the capital required for expensive and time-consuming construction of commercial kitchens and warehouse space. Revolving Kitchen provides food businesses affordable, private kitchen spaces and new, high-grade equipment so food businesses can scale their concepts up and drive costs down. Revolving Kitchen solves the headache of dealing with complex regulatory compliance, commercial permitting, maintenance and repairs, administrative hassles, and utility bills so food businesses can focus on cooking and growth.

How did you get your idea or concept?
I’m a partner in a popular Dallas-based restaurant. We realized as we explored additional commercial kitchen options for our own brand that there were few commercial kitchen rental options in Dallas that met our needs. We set out to design a large-scale commercial kitchen rental facility that would provide new amenities and easy access to DFW’s popular delivery areas—all without the burdensome costs and time-consuming hassles food business owners typically confront.

What do customers enjoy the most about your business?
Brand new infrastructure and top-grade kitchen equipment, a hassle-free sign-up process, flexible scheduling, 25 modern commercial kitchens, responsive on-site support, and management team, and super-quick startup (as little as two days!), all at a fraction of the cost of building or leasing other commercial kitchen spaces.

What’s your most popular product, service, and or item, and when is the busiest time of the week usually?
With a community of 40+ active food businesses we are busy around the clock—but we have the capacity for additional members and would love to connect with new food business owners.

How do most customers discover you?
Food businesses often hear about us via recommendations from current members. New customers can discover more and schedule a tour by phone at (972) 332-3516 or by visiting our website at www.revolvingkitchen.com.

All of our Dallas-based business partners have been impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. While there is little any individual company can do to remove the challenging implications of the pandemic on their business, there is a lot that an individual company can do to sustain operations and continue to survive and thrive through this season.

The OTG team wants to thank Revolving Kitchen for their transparency and engagement. We asked about how COVID-19 has impacted their business and what they are doing as a result. Tyler talked a bit about how Revolving Kitchen is combating the challenges of COVID-19.


How has COVID-19 affected your business? 

The COVID-19 situation severely impacted so many in the food business. Fortunately, we supported dozens of our member food businesses through the crisis.

Most local food businesses that were stuck paying costly lease rates and burdensome overhead while closed during COVID-19. Members of Revolving Kitchen, on the other hand, were able to scale up or scale down at no extra cost and offload overhead expenditures at will. Several food operators even pivoted strictly to food delivery and increased their revenue during the past 2-3 months!

What changes have you made to your business in response to COVID-19?
We worked in connection with local and state health agencies to implement forward-thinking safety measures—including increased cleaning & sanitization of our space kitchen units and equipment, improved customer interaction measures, and novel delivery logistics,. We also hosted free on-site food safety training courses for the benefit of the DFW food community.



How has your physical to the digital portion of your business changed? Have you seen a significant increase in deliveries and or certain products being consumed? 
Yes. We’ve experienced an influx in inquiries from local and national food companies as they learn how our services and brand new kitchen spaces can help them both weather the COVID-19 situation and grow their revenue with minimal hassle.

Has COVID-19 affected your marketing & advertising strategy? If yes, what new ways are you reaching locals now?
Yes—and no. We’ve always been a solution for local food entrepreneurs as well as national brands—and most new clients continue to learn about us through word-of-mouth recommendations from our current clients. COVID-19 simply underscored the importance of flexibility in the food business model. Our outreach to new clients now focuses in large part on this feature of our brand since flexibility is extra important to food business owners at this time.

This concludes our weekly Local Deep Dive with OTG featuring this week’s guest Tyler Shin, Owner of Revolving Kitchen. We hope that you enjoyed this interview and can apply some of these insights to your own business. Be sure to keep track of our Local Deep Dive Series for more industry insights, recommendations, and best practices weekly with local businesses and their owners.