Driving Foot Traffic with Geofencing

Location-based advertising is taking digital marketing to new heights. Whether you’re looking to offer discounts to potential customers in the area, or just looking to reach out to audiences near your store front, location-based advertising offers tremendous potential to achieve that. Just by adding location data to their ads, Brands can see as much as a 20% increase in conversion. Oyster Technology Group utilizes various technologies to ensure that brands can seamlessly advertise in the locations focal to their campaigns. Here are a few of the ways Oyster is making ad campaigns smarter with geofencing.

  • Personalization: By targeting audiences in a specific neighborhood or zip code, you are able to curate your message specifically for your intended audience.
  • Engagement: You’re more likely to convert potential customers by reaching them at the right place at the right time, geofencing allows your ads to reach new audiences when they are nearby.
  • Better Data: Once you set up your desired target location with Oyster, you are able to gain insight into what locations are more suitable, as well as which target segments have a better ROI.

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