Make The City ↓ Your Billboard.

Oyster helps brands target consumers within close proximity by leveraging a network of digital signage placed within mobility. Engage shoppers, restaurant-goers, tourists, and locals in your ZIP / Street. In markets like Dallas, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio.

Location-Based Media

Reach captive audiences on-the-go based on day-parts, vehicle type, and GPS location. Dynamic media with contextualized messaging based on predictive route insights / trends.

Traffic /
Brand Lift

Drive brand awareness, sales, and foot traffic with geo-fenced campaigns that display media to predictive consumer segments on a hyper-local street level.

Insights +

Oyster collects data like Demographics, Attention-Time, Passenger Count, Unique Trips, Verified Views, Number of Interactions, Brand Lift, and more.

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Oyster is invested in helping the local communities we serve navigate through COVID-19. One of the ways we’re helping is by donating ad-inventory to local brands impacted by COVID-19.